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The Conductor

Matthias Hennecke  Matthias Hennecke

He started his musical career as an accordionist in 1968 by a private teacher and in 1972 he registered in  the music school of Dortmund. There he was in charge of the local accordion-orchestra of the music school from 1978 to 1983. In autumn 1979 he passed the entrance examination of the Dortmund conservatory and studied as a young student - still being a pupil - accordion in the class of Prof. Georg Reidys. He emerged victoriously from a lot of competitions either as a solist or as a member of an ensemble. Stations of this orchestral career were the accordion orchestras of Dortmund, Unna, Siegerland, Bergisch-Land and finally he came to the First Cologne Accordion-Orchestra. In the beginning 80ies he started as a guest player and later on he became an active member. He also made a name for himself as an editor, arranger and composer; he e.g. arranged ”The Beatles”, a big medley, ”Misteriosa Venezia”, a ”Morricone-Special” and other things...